A journey of flavours awaits you

The tradition and history of Nemea and the wider area is directly linked to the variety of agiorgitico and the virgin olive oil. Thus ,a tasting experience with local products such as wine and oil could not be missing from your trip.
In the cellar of Kera Neme the visitors will depart for a unique taste journey , in which they will discover everything that the Nemea area has to offer. If you’re a wine lover , you will surely enjoy wine at one of the wine tasting events that we organize by appointment . If you ever want to taste the oil of the region and discover all the different notes contained in each different variety of olive and olive oil, then choose an olive tasting event by appointment.
The events organized in the cellar of Kera Neme can be attented by hotel guests and non-hotel guests, while each event can include up to 20 people.
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