Travel to the heart of greek wine

Inspired by the wine routes, in the heart of Nemea, a hotel awaits you which knows how to honor the tradition of Greek hospitality and the place where it was born. Kera Neme was created for the travellers who want to discover the traditions and the culture of the place they visit. With decoration that brings the beauty of nature to your room, modern amenities, services that will bring you closer to tradition and elements of relaxation and luxury that every visitor is looking for your stay at Kera Neme wiil be unforgettable.


For us Kera Neme is not only the mother who takes care of us but also the country that raised us and the teacher that taught us the secrets as well. Wild and tender at the same time. We love her that’s why we call her by her nickname.
*Nemea is the mistress of Greek Wine. The Greek Lady.